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Reinforcement and Crack Repair of Bonded Rebars
The new technology of bonded rebar reinforcement is to use high-strength chemical adhesive to form a holding force between steel bars, screws, etc. and concrete, so as to achieve the reserved effect. The combination can generate high load bearing capacity, and it is not easy to shift and pull out, with a good adherence with no need of fireproof treatment. It is fixed by chemical bonding, so it not only does not cause expansion damage to the base material, but also has a reinforcing effect on the structure. The construction is simple, rapid and safe, and meets environmental protection requirements. The technology is the most effective method for transforming, adding and strengthening reinforced concrete structures in civil engineering.
Scope of application: reinforcement of reserved steel bars for extension and alteration of various types of building structures, reinforcement of cross beams, chapiters, slabs, shear walls, etc., anchoring of reserved steel bars, screw anchoring of various steel structures, mechanical equipment, brackets, etc.
Characteristics: 1: High bearing capacity (shear force, tensile force); 2: Not produce expansion force to base material, more suitable for the parts with less margins and spacing. 3: Construction is quick and easy.
Technological process of bonded rebar reinforcement: Drilling - blowing out dust - cleaning - secondary cleaning - injection of adhesive - implanting of steel bars - completion.

Reinforcement and Crack Repair of Bonded Rebars