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Purpose of drilling: To drill holes on the plates as required by the customer. The position and size of the holes must both meet the requirements of the customer. To realize layer-to-layer passages and future component soldering, and position or align holes for post-processing.

It can be used to core the concrete of roads, airports, ports, dams, etc., as well as asphalt pavement and limestone foundation, in order to conduct a bending and compression test. Concrete core-drilling machine is equipped with a self-priming water pump and a bore-hole depth gauge. After years of research and development, the concrete core-drilling machine manufactured can guarantee its excellent quality. It is powered by a gasoline engine, easy to start and operate, reliable in operation, and equipped with an artificial diamond thin-walled drill bit, which greatly reduces the work intensity. It can be operated by just one or two people, and improve the coring efficiency by more than 4 times with a better stability, standard core size, and smoother surface. Moreover, it lengths the service life of drill bit.