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Cutting of Support Beam
With urban development, demolition can be found everywhere. The basements of projects get deeper, so during excavation of foundation pit, the foundation pit support will be provided with support beams to ensure the safety of the foundation pit and the surrounding area. When the basement structure is constructed, the support beams shall be removed so that the next step can be carried out. The speed of the support beam removal directly affects the progress of the project and causes work delay. We have summarized the following methods for removing the support beams according to the construction experience:
1. Demolition by static blasting: Use a jackhammer to cut the surface of the support beam, cut off the stirrups, then drill the beam, and apply expansion agent in it. The beam will be cracked after the reaction, then apply the jackhammer to cut and break it, and finally clean up. The advantage is that there are no limitations, the operation is safe, the cleaning is simple, and the cost is medium;
2. Demolition by cutting combined with static breaking: Where the foundation pit can receive large crane but it has local limitations, mechanical cutting and static breaking can be used at the same time. This method can guarantee the construction period to the maximum extent, and at the same time it has lower requirements for the number of personnel in the cutting and breaking team.
3. Removal of wale: It is generally recommended to remove the wale by static breaking. Because the side of the wale is connected to the continuous wall, the construction cost will be high if the cutting method is adopted.
4. Demolition by cutting: support the support beam, cut and divide the beam by cutting. Hang the beam blocks through crane to the foundation pit for breaking or transport them to designated places for crushing in order to recover the steel. The biggest limitation of demolition by cutting is that a large crane shall be able to stand around the foundation pit. The advantage is that the construction speed is very fast, and the cost of construction is relatively low for projects where the construction is urgent and a crane can be arranged.

Cutting of Support Beam