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Cutting of Metro Tunnel

Protective cutting and clearing of the buried metro tunnel; In view of deep obstacles and high difficulty in cutting, and through comprehensive comparison of the performance of similar equipment, the full rotating driller is selected for clearing obstacles. By reference to specific projects, the operation principle on the application of the full rotating cutting in clearing obstacles and the protection measures for intact tunnels in the process of cutting damaged tunnels are introduced. The engineering practices show that the full rotating driller has good vertical precision and high operating efficiency, and its corresponding technical measures adopted under specific circumstances in projects are effective.


The building structure cutting and strengthening technique is a dedicated technology used for transformation, static demolition, strengthening and maintenance of building construction and structures. With the development of scientific research and extensive engineering practices, it has been a proven technology and widely applied in building engineering, and specialized technical specifications have been prepared for the technology. At present, there is a variety of structure strengthening types and methods, including strengthening by changing the stress system.


Cahard's mechanical equipment cutting and strengthening technology has been widely used in various concrete structure reconstruction projects. It can efficiently and quickly decompose concrete components in a reliable and safe way, which is the most suitable solution for the component decomposition of reinforced concrete.

Cutting of Metro Tunnel