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Cutting of Floor Slab
The floor slab is cut with an advanced water-cooled diamond disc cutter, and the cuts are straight and neat, eliminating the need for after-treatment. The operation is low in noise, free of vibration, without dust and exhaust gas pollution, meeting environmental protection requirements. It has the superiority that traditional construction can't match. Disc cutting is also widely used in the transformation of various types of large bridges, subways, building structures. For local or overall deflection of housing structure and engineering structure caused by various reasons (such as foundation settlement, foundation construction), the stress relief method, pile-cutting method and jacking method are used to rectify the deflection by use of information feedback method. The rectification of building, watergate, etc. has gained the user's praise.
For the foundation weakness of the existing structure or the lack of foundation bearing capacity caused by story-adding transformation and addition of equipment, we can reinforce the foundation by use of a number of mature technologies such as anchor static pressure, foundation expansion method by implanting rebars, and chemical irrigation method.

Cutting of Floor Slab