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Cutting and dismantling of bridge piers

When it comes to the rebuilding and adjustment of viaducts, it is inevitable to remove a part, and at the same time ensure that the other part is unaffected and can be reused. This has become a problem. The imported reinforced concrete cutting technology is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly, which can meet the construction requirements under special circumstances. It is an emerging static demolition technology, mainly including disc cutting and diamond steel wire cutting. The disc cutting adopts the cutting disc fitted with diamond particles to achieve orderly and straight cuts with no need of post-processing, which is free from the limitations of the construction site, environmental protection, construction time limit, security, etc. The steel wire cutting equipment consists of high-power hydraulic press, driving pulley, and steel wire with a diamond saw teeth. The hydraulic motor, through the driving pulley, drives the steel wire to rotate around the to-be-cut object at high speed and cut it, which is featured with the fast operation, low noise, no vibration, no dust, and exhaust gas pollution, etc. The cuts are straight and smooth, with no need for post-processing. By comparison, the diamond steel wire cutting owns faster cutting, higher flexibility and lower noise.



Compared with conventional bridge demolition technologies, the reinforced concrete cutting has its obvious advantages, especially in the projects that have an urgent fixed time and high requirements for environmental protection, and in those that need to dismantle and cut some large concrete structures

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