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Customization of Marble Wire Saw
Marble is a recrystallized limestone mainly composed of CaCO3. Limestone softens under high temperature and pressure and recrystallizes to form marble when the mineral content changes. The main compositions are calcium and dolomite, which have many colors and usually have obvious patterns and many mineral particles. Mohs hardness is 2.5-5. Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the original rock in the earth's crust under high temperature and pressure. According to the hardness, it is divided into hard marble, medium hard marble, soft marble. Using a single-formula diamond wire saw to cut all types of marbles is not the best choice.
Process of customization
1) Send professional technicians to the work site for inspection, and take or send samples to our company for analysis.
2) Cahard laboratory analyzes the sample composition, designs a specific formula, and performs a cutting test on the sample.
3) Adjust the formula, make a small sample, and send it to the work site for field cutting test.
4) Improve the formula and produce highly targeted special formula products.