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Diamond Wire saw for profiling

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Cahard Diamond wire saw ropes for cutting and profiling of different kinds of stones including marble and granite. Manufactured with multi-layer electroplated Bead ensuring fast cutting and long life span. 

Perfect for marble cutting and granite cutting.

product modelBead Specification(mm)Number of beadFixationCutting ObjectLinear velocity (m/h)Cutting rate(m/h)Cutting life(m/m)
GD-31Φ8.840High strength plasticHard granite26-355-86-15
GD-32Φ8.840High strength plasticMedium-hard granite30-408-1815-22
GD-33Φ8.840High strength plasticSoft granite35-4518-2525-40

1. If any similar products of other diamond tools brands have a faster speed of strand cutting than Cahard Diamond Tools or any other brand's diamond tools have a service life longer than Cahard, the product can be returned to us.

2. If the strand cutting of Cahard Diamond Tools has any beading, deflected grind, or broken strand, the products can be returned to us.