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Jiangxi Jiande Industrial Co., Ltd.


   Focus on high-end products

Cahard, a brand from Jiangxi Jiande Industrial Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturing company that focuses on the research and development of reinforced concrete drilling & cutting diamond tools and stone quarrying diamond tools. The company covers an area of more than 30,000sqm, of which more than 5000sqm is in the R&D center, and is mainly engaged in Jiande drilling & cutting construction and Jiande diamond tool manufacturing. At present, Jiande has over 100 drilling & cutting constructors and over 100 various reinforced concrete drilling & cutting devices. Jiangxi Jiande Concrete Cutting Association was founded in 2012 and has more than 30000 members now. Diamond tools produced by Jiande are partly distributed to the academicians and to more than thirty countries all over the world.

Jiangxi Jiande Industrial Co., Ltd.


   Flow of customized manufacture

Jiangxi Jiande Industrial Co. Ltd. specially develops highly targeted tools according to the characteristics of diamond tools, and different industrial and mining conditions and processing objects. Our Chairman Wang Hailong often compares himself to a chef. A good chef can adjust the formula according to the customer's taste. What Jiande can provide is an innovative solution and a high quality value-added professional service. The company is a world leader in the development, production, and sale of high-quality value-added products for professional customers in the concrete cutting and stone mining industries. Jiande is one of the most trusted partners for the global concrete cutting and stone mining industry. We provide professional advice and innovative solutions in each and every stage of the construction process. Our technology-leading products can help you to multiply productivity.

Jiangxi Jiande Industrial Co., Ltd.


   Be in the lead of R&D

Jiangxi Jiande Industrial Co. Ltd. owned by the Chinese diamond tool genius Wang Hailong has the top Drilling and Cutting Construction Team. Revolutionized by the combination of industry and factory, we established the Jiangxi Jiande Industrial Co. Ltd. Diamond Tool Technology Research Center, which is the leading professional R&D laboratory in China, with more than 30 analytical testing centers, testing, and pilot equipment. Jiande also cooperates extensively with well-known universities and research institutes to build a joint innovation system for production, education, and research.

Jiangxi Jiande Industrial Co., Ltd.

The company's annual R&D investment exceeds 10% of operating income, and the annual average new product contribution rate exceeds 40% of operating income. Jiande actively carries out foreign exchanges and cooperation and sends excellent scientific research personnel to foreign countries for training and research every year. We have established extensive technical exchanges and cooperation with companies such as Feiyu, and continues to innovate in the manufacturing technology of wire saws and expansion of wire saws. Jiande diamond tool is a weather vane for the quality of concrete cutting and stone mining in China.

Jiangxi Jiande Industrial Co., Ltd.


   Strict Requirements & Military Quality

Jiande has very strict and harsh requirements on product quality. Jiande insists on applying military materials and secret military-industrial technology for manufacturing diamond tools. The whole production processes and delivery inspection are both very strict to meet the product quality with military standards. To deal with the common problems in the industry like the quality instability of diamond tool, Jiande has introduced advanced equipment to grade quality level. Each batch of products is required to receive field use and inspection before delivery to guarantee stable product quality.

Jiande Drilling and Cutting Construction Team were established in 2012, which is a revolutionary achievement for the combination of work and factory. Therefore, each batch of diamond tools can be approved to send to the market only if they have passed the strict site inspection by the professional drilling and cutting construction team of Jiande. Practical data proves that Jiande tools can be applied to various kinds of reinforced concrete and geological strata. Our Diamond tools are very sharp and have the longest service life compared to the same products in the industry

Jiangxi Jiande Industrial Co., Ltd.